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2019 Catalog Cover

You can view or download the 2019 RSS Print Catalog below:

Individual catalog sections can be downloaded as follows:

The Index (1.6 Mb)
Section A - Party Products, Food Service (25.0 Mb)
Section B - Party Products, Non-Food Service (11.3 Mb)
Section C - Party Disposables (2.3 Mb)
Section D - Audio Visual (4.6 Mb)
Section E - Tools & Equipment (1.2 Mb)
Section F - Parts & Accessories (0.26 Mb)

Note that the individual sections are the same as those collected in the image file available below, and contain interlinking functionality that will not work when viewed as a stand-alone pdf file. You can recreate this functionality by storing the Index.pdf file in a parent folder and the section pdf's in a subfolder named "Catalog"

For an ISO image file ready to be burned to CD by any compatible program, download this zip file: (46.1 Mb)

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