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Bar Maid Small Commercial Cutlery Polisher

Item #: CP-3000
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Bar Maid Corporation

The CP-3000 Cutlery Polisher is indispensable for quickly turning wet, clean cutlery into dry, spot-free, sparkling cutlery. Water-spotted flatware can make patrons question its cleanliness. The CP-3000 can polish up to 2000 pieces/hour depending on the operator and cutlery being polished, removing water spots and eliminating unsanitary hand polishing.

• Efficient and easy to use - dry and polish warm, wet cutlery right out of the dishwasher
• The CP-3000 dries and polishes up to 2,000 pieces per hour, significantly reducing labor and other costs associated with hand-polishing
• More sanitary, reducing the potential for contact with unhygienic hands and towels
• Relatively small footprint fits most work tables
• Insert 8-10 pieces of flatware into the top chute every 10-15 seconds
• Flatware must be clean and wet when entering the polisher
• Cutlery vibrates through warmed organic granulate (150-170°F) drying and polishing cutlery
• UV-C exposure sanitizes before cutlery exits, helping to eradicate any potential bacteria remaining from the washing process
• Polished, dry, sanitized cutlery exits from the side chute into a clean bus pan or rack
• Electrical: 110-120V AC, 50/60 Hz, 550 W, 4.6 Amps
• Dimensions: 23" x 21" x 15" H
• Weight: 100 lbs.
• Includes one 12.5 lb. bag of granulate for initial fill
• 1 Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase covering defects in materials and workmanship
• Sold by the Each

Bar maid CP-7000 Potential Savings

*Calculated at a labor cost of $10 per hour. 4 seconds per piece for hand polishing vs. 2000 pieces per hour for CP-7000 polishing. Does not include cost of polishing cloths and laundering associated with hand polishing.

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