Anchor MegaVox 2 Series

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The MegaVox 2 is considered the industry standard portable PA system on the market. It is battery powered, which makes it completely portable and versatile. Thousands report that it’s the most reliable portable public address system ever designed. With a powerful re-entrant horn driven speaker, the MegaVox 2 is ideal for voice amplification over long distances.

The MegaVox 2 is stand mountable and includes a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying. Standard Bluetooth and a siren alert button are included with every MegaVox. The system also includes up to two built-in dual wireless receivers for up to four wireless microphones. The MegaVox has an optional built-in transmitter that wirelessly connects to one or more MegaVox AIR battery powered companion speakers. Use the MegaVox outdoors for speaking engagements, announcements, band practice, track meets, emergency preparedness, auctions, shooting ranges, military trainings, and more!

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