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This high quality porcelain known for its thin and elegant body, bright white color, and durability has been a favored brand to the party rental industry for more than 20 years. In 2016, the production of this line moved to a more modern, sophisticated factory implementing the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes. This change in factories provides a more consistent product in sizing, shape and quality.

Unlike some suppliers offering less expensive stoneware products, all lines of Crown Parian china are fully vitrified porcelain. Fired three times at high temperatures, it's far more durable than stoneware, and completely dishwasher safe.

Vitrification is the process of melting clays and glazes as they are fired. Think of the raw clay as a sponge. In a fully vitrified clay body, the spaces between particles are completely filled up with glass, fusing the particles together making the china impervious to water. The number of times fired, length of time and temperature of those firings determines the strength and absorbency of the china. Stoneware is typically only fired one time at lower temperatures which allows for a less expensive product. However, stoneware can absorb up to 5% moisture through the unglazed foot of the plate, potentially allowing bacteria and other impurities to enter the china. The firing also determines the strength of the plate as well as the glaze.

Fully vitrified porcelain is stronger than stoneware, allowing the creation of thinner, chip resistant bodies. Porcelain is more resistant to thermal shock than stoneware, allowing the china to go from freezer to oven. The higher firing temperature of porcelain glaze offers better protection of the decorated area and yields a smoother non-marking surface than stoneware.

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