VerTerra Dinnerware

VerTerra Dinnerware

VerTerra is the leader in palm dinnerware production and the only integrated manufacturer of palm leaf plates, owning its factories; affording them the highest standard. The creation of two  products: palm leaves and water, VerTerra dinnerware is made without chemical coatings. The design recognized by the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum is not only elegant but durable. Microwave and oven safe at 350° for 45 minutes (6 inches from a heat source) these plates and bowls perform as close to ceramic as any single use item does.

• Compostable - Apart from being BPI-certified compostable, tests have shown that soil containing VerTerra compost enhances plant growth by over 15%.

• Durable and Versatile - VerTerra products can withstand hot food, liquids and oils. Aside from acting as a natural insulator, VerTerra dinnerware will not leak or impart taste.

• Sustainable - VerTerra dinnerware is made from fallen palm leaves (that would otherwise be burned), steam, heat and pressure. No plants or trees are cut or harmed during this process.

• Microwave and Oven Safe - VerTerra Dinnerware can withstand up to 2 minutes in the microwave on a high heat setting or up to 45 minutes in the oven on 350° as long as they are at least 6” from the heat source.

• Biodegradable - VerTerra Dinnerware will naturally biodegrade at home or in an industrial compost without using chemical agents.

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