Barenthal Gold Plated Patterns

Gold plated flatware is a perfect choice for formal events where you want to add a stunning element to your table setting. It will add brilliance to a room when it’s time to use your gold plated flatware during a special occasion. When you’re looking for that special something to wow your guests you should give serious consideration to purchasing a set of gold plated flatware. Stainless steel flatware that is covered in gold plate will stay in excellent condition as long as you hand wash the pieces promptly after use. Never leave your gold plated flatware unwashed overnight, as the acids in the food could stain or pit the plating. Prolonged soaking should also be avoided and sponges or harsh detergents should never be used. Your gold plated flatware should be hand washed only, using a mild non-chloride/low citrus content detergent. Low temperature commercial or residential dishwashers should not be used for plated flatware because the chemicals used for sanitizing will corrode the plating.

Gold plated flatware is the perfect complement for gold-banded dinnerware and makes a truly stunning presentation. Trust the pros at RSS Distributors to provide you with unique products that will make your tabletop the center of attention and your friends jealous.

Keep your flatware looking great! Check out our guide to flatware care and maintenance.

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