Stölzle Crystal Glassware

Stolzle Lausitz - Born in Fire

Stölzle is a German International glassware manufacturing company. For over 200 years, Stölzle has been recognized as a leading European designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-quality, 100% lead free crystal glassware for the foodservice and retail markets. Their professional design criteria and hi-tech production processes guarantee optimum durability, performance, and elegance.

The Stölzle brand epitomizes innovation and quality in brilliant lead-free crystal glasses. All glasses feature enhanced durability, are dishwasher-safe (certified to over 1,000 commercial washes), and are priced at very competitive levels.

Within the Stölzle brand, various collections of glasses feature elegant designs applied to a spectrum of glass purposes. All glasses feature elegantly thin seamless surfaces. In addition, some of the Stölzle collections feature glasses with "pulled stems". This advanced process produces a one-piece bowl and stem, eliminates the seam between bowl and stem, and strengthens the glass at its most vulnerable point.

The professional design of these glasses guarantees optimum performance and appreciation of each beverage in its relevant glass. Modern and innovative production processes produce glasses having characteristics similar to those of handblown glass.

RSS Distributors offers several of the Stolzle crystal collections as follows. Glasses from other collections can be obtained upon special request.

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