Revolution Collection

The Stölzle brand is known for its high quality, innovative collections of brilliant, lead-free crystal glassware. These elegantly thin crystalline glasses are highly break resistant, and are also dishwasher-safe (certified to over 1,000 commercial washes). Further, the very competitive pricing results in an ideal price/quality ratio.

Stölzle specializes in producing machine-pulled and fully melted stems. All glasses in the Revolution Collection feature these stems. Thus, the glasses have neither a joint between stem and bowl nor seamlines, characteristics that are similar to handmade glass. Professional design guarantees optimum performance and appreciation of each beverage in its relevant glass.

A very modern, straight conical shape characterizes the Revolution line, whose design was influenced less by the individual grape and more by other elements such as acidity, maturity, tannin, viscosity and the bouquet of the wine. The one-piece bowl and stem additionally lends superior durability to these glasses.

Of the four stemmed glasses included in the Revolution collection, RSS Distributors offers all four as shown below.

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