Guidelines for Determining the Correct Size Tablecloth

What you need to know:
1. The dimensions of your table
2. The height of the tabletop from the floor (a standard table is generally 29" - 30" high)
3. How far over the edge you want the cloth to drop (10" - 12" for lap height, 15" for a banquet table, or all the way to the floor)

4. Multiply the tablecloth drop by two and add to each table dimension.*

• For example, if your table is 30" wide, 96" (8') long and 30" high, for a 15" drop, your cloth would need to be 60" wide and 126" long.
• For a drop to the floor, the cloth would be 90" wide and 156" long.
• Floor length square or rectangular cloths must have rounded corners to avoid dragging on the ground (figure 1).

Fitting a rectangular cloth

• For a 60" diameter round table, your cloth would need to be 90" diameter for a 15" drop (figure 2).

Fitting a round cloth

*If your table is oval or odd-shaped, it may be necessary for you to provide a template for a correct fit to be determined.

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